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Don't bother dreaming about what flavour Lieber Pie you'd like for lunch today.

There's no knowing what you'll strike when your pie maker, Franz Lieber, is an internationally-trained, high-end restaurant chef with more than 40 years behind him.

If Franz acquired a box of fresh pencil-thin asparagus or a crate of still salty oysters the previous day, you can be sure the lights at the Lieber Pie factory will have been on all night – as Franz concocts a pie that didn't exist – even in his head – the day before.

Born in Austria, Franz has been in New Zealand for more than 30 years. That's long enough for him to understand the place of the pie in Kiwi meal planning.

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What’s inside a Lieber Pie?

  • Lieber Pies are made using fresh ingredients, sourced close to home
  • Lieber Pies are filled with quality meat, cooked slowly and with care
  • Lieber Pies are not complicated – they don’t need to be
  • Lieber Pies contain absolutely no additives or preservatives
  • Every Lieber Pie is hand-filled, so the inside is always what you hope for